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In SpinOff the players main controll is slanting the world, which causes every mobile item to roll downward. This game concept was first realized in the wooden game labyrinth- and SpinOff is the first computer game based on this movement controll. Seeing the the world totter around on the players controll is basically an optical illusion. This is done by inverse camera movement. This means: When you move the mouse to the left, the world seems to slant down on the left side. What SpinOff does instead is, slanting the camera to the right ! (A virtual camera is used to define the view on the monitor).
To make the illusion perfect, the sky is rotated the same way like the camera. In the game, this looks like the sky stays horizontal all the time.
Another trick of SpinOff is, that the virtual rotating point of the world is always near the marble. This trick allows very big levels. Otherwise, like on a teeter-totter, there would be a significant increase of vertical movement- the farer you are from the rotational center.
The marbles behavior is calculated, taking all major physical effects into account.
SpinOff is using the open source rendering engine Genesis3D. As part of the licensing agreement here you will find all code modifications done to the engine and some tricks used for the game.

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