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Spinoff is the perfect mixture of the well known wooden game "labyrinth" and the arcade game "marble madness", but with true 3d-grafic and many modern game features. Navigate the marble thru landscapes and parcours containing holes, ice, fire or dangerous creatures. Collect the red/white items. Win new features like a different size, or transparency. Each new feature may help to reach new levels. You can't loose spinoff - but your score may drop with each lost marble - and by time. In this game you can't cheat the score by saving the game often. So you'll easily identify the spinoff champion CAUTION: In some releases of SpinOff levels 12,13 and 14 are corrupt. Download this, unzip and copy/replace it all into the SpinOff/art folder.

contact: MSimeth@gmx.de

Last modification: Tuesday Okt 14, 2003